My Summer Goals Tag

Shout out to Ellie who tagged me, and if you haven’t checked out her blog already you’re missing out! Since this will be my last summer before I go to Uni (uh oh!) I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to do. I’m the sort of person who plans to have an amazing summer where I’ll go to parties every weekend, I’ll learn a new language, volunteer, write a book, lose 50lb etc. Then in reality I end up watching TV and sleeping 99% of the time. But no more! This summer will be fabulous and here’s the plan guys:

1. Drive as much as possible! It is my biggest goal at the moment to learn how to drive, I’m getting better but it’s definitely not something I pick up easily. I think the biggest problem is that I cannot multitask (sorry womankind, I’ve let you down). How do people brake, change gear, signal, check the mirrors all at the same time!?

2. Spend time with Kyle. My boyfriend and I will not be going to the same Uni, so instead of seeing each other 4 days a week we’ll see each other once a month. I think this is going to be one of the hardest things about going to Uni. People ask me if I think he’ll cheat and honestly, no I don’t, but what I am terrified of is that we’ll drift apart and fall out of love because that would be the most heartbreaking thing for me. But we have agreed that this summer we are going camping, we’ll have that date at the Natural History Museum in London that he promised me on the day we first met, and we’ll celebrate my 18th birthday in style!

3. Get ready for Uni. I have so much to do, and so much to buy to get ready for Uni. To be honest I am so scared. I feel like everyone around me is so grown up, and I’m still here in my Pikachu onesie waiting for adult supervision.

4. Run. Fast. I took up running last year. Okay, it wasn’t as easy as that. Last year I was 16 and weighed 12 stone and I wasn’t happy so I started walking more. Eventually I’d lost 7lb, then I started cycling and that’s when I lost another 10lb. In November last year I woke up at my usual 6am and went for a run (I jogged for 30 seconds then walked for 5 minutes) and I did this every other day during the whole winter. I lost another 7lb. Now I go for a 45 minute run every other day and weigh just over 10 stone, and I love it! So this summer I want to keep that up 🙂

5. Party a lot! I am a nerd. I have two jobs and get the top grades in my class, and that means I have no social life! This summer I will go to parties, and go out clubbing, and just generally have fun. But don’t worry guys, I’ll always be a nerd at heart 😛

6. Get a science-y job. I have been offered a job during August where I can work at a Science Museum, all I have to do is call someone up and the job is mine. This is frickin amazing! Basically I’ll spend my summer blowing stuff up, with my boyfriend who has also been offered a job, and I’ll get paid! Yes please!

So these are my goals for the summer, thanks for reading and if anyone wants to give this a try, go for it!