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Calling all of my beautiful readers: assemble! Everyone here? Good.
This wonderful lady needs your help. If any of you have been diagnosed with any mental health issue or learning disability, or if you know anyone who has please follow this amazing blogger! Please send her your stories so that we can help others who may be struggling with their conditions. Thank you!

happy and hungry

Hey a day in my lifers, Today I realised something awesome. Everything that we go through. Everything that makes us ‘misfits’, ‘unaccepted’ or ‘labelled’ is wrong. It’s everyone else who are the misfits. Misfits of understanding. Through no fault of their own, they aren’t educated because the people who do understand don’t wish to share their knowledge. People are scared of the idea that someone can have something ‘wrong’ with their brain, the thing we use to function. It’s like when you’re in class and there’s some sort of debate between classmates. Well, between classmates and classmate. Singular. The single classmate is arguing for equal racial rights, and the rest are arguing against it. Just because there are more arguing against, doesn’t mean they’re right. My dad grew up in South Africa whilst all the discrimination was going on between the caucasian population and the coloured population, and he was the only one in…

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Dobby is a free elf !!


Two years of my blood, sweat, and tears. Conveniently stored in a folder.

I am done. Two years of college are officially over. Now what? I always thought that after I finished college I’d feel like an adult, like I was completely prepared to move onto Uni and finally grow up. Truth is, I am so fucking scared. I am 17 for God’s sake, I have no idea about the world! What even are taxes?! I have been through 13 years of education and I can tell you all the elements in the Periodic Table, and recite the “To be or not to be…” quote from Hamlet off by heart, and don’t get me started on Pythagoras Theorem because I am an expert at that! Yet I don’t understand politics, or how to run a household, and I’ve never been taught how to write a CV/ resume. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the teenage generation is growing up completely unprepared for life. Yesterday I had to ask to go to the toilet, and now I’m expected to sort out my student finance, find a job, find somewhere to live, and be a fully functioning adult?! Yeah…no.Of course education is important, don’t get me wrong. But I think our system needs to change, otherwise we’re going to produce a generation who can recognise a metaphor but can’t pay the bills.