The 3 Day Quote Challenge- Day 1!

I am a massive quote lover so I was so excited to be nominated for this challenge by the wonderful My Personal Teen, and you guys should check her blog out because she’s fabulous 🙂

Here’s the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you. Thank you so much!!
  • Post a quote for 3 days.

Okay, here’s my first quote:

– “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”.

I try to live my life by this principle. For example, if someone is speeding, I try to tell myself that their wife could be giving birth, or their child could need them. Or if a customer is rude to me, I tell myself that they’re probably just having a crappy day, maybe they’ve lost their job or they’re arguing with their partner. This has helped me a lot when dealing with people I consider to be rude, and has helped me keep my cool when customers are being difficult.

  • Each day, nominate 3 new bloggers to take part in the challenge!

Here are my first nominations:

  1. Paradoxical Sadness
  2. A Girl With ADHD
  3. Everything And Nothing

Thanks for reading 🙂

The Real Neat Blog Award

Firstly, I didn’t even know this award existed until a couple of days ago and I think it’s got such a cute name 🙂 Secondly, a big smushy hug and kiss for My Teenage Madness for nominating me for this award, and you should go check out her blog because it’s amazing 🙂

Here’s the rules…

  • Thank the person who nominated you. Thank you!!
  • Answer the following questions.
  1. What was the last book you read? It was actually a children’s book called The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. I had to read it because I’m planning some tutoring lessons around it and I figured I should probably know what I’m talking about (not that I do 99% of the time) 😛
  2. The last song you listened to? This Song Saved My Life, by Simple Plan. It’s one of my favourites and has a lot of good memories attached to it 🙂
  3. If you could be anyone else for a week, who would you be? Jennifer Lawrence. Firstly she’s gorgeous so that would be a plus! And she just seems so down to Earth and funny, and she’s probably one of my favourite celebrities.
  4. What’s your biggest wish? That’s tough! I guess I want to be happy, wherever I end up in life I want to be happy there and surrounded by the people I love. (Sorry, that’s so mushy!)
  5. What’s your best piece of general advice? Just be yourself. Ugh, that’s so cliche I know, but it’s true. I spent the majority of my time growing up trying to blend into the background. But then I realised that I liked wearing colourful wristbands and neon converse, and I liked wearing a moose hat. So I did, and I think I started to realise that it’s okay to be weird and so I surrounded myself with weirdo’s and it was amazing 🙂


  6. What’s that thing you’ve been putting off for ages? Shopping! I need pretty much an entire new wardrobe because I dropped from a size 16 to 12 so a lot of my clothes are so baggy and falling off. I didn’t realise how much weight you can actually lose if you stop eating Chinese takeaway 3 nights a week and you start exercising every so often. So I was a little bit surprised when I put on a size 16 dress and it was too big, like wtf happened to my body?! I have curves! I’ve been putting it off for so long because I still felt really chubby and I used to hate shopping because a lot of places didn’t stock my size 😥 So I think it’s going to take me a little while to get used to this!
  7. What is the piece of clothing you wear the most? My dressing gown, because I’m a lazy monkey and live in my pyjamas 🙂
  8. What’s one thing you can’t live without? My converse. I wear them pretty much anywhere and everywhere. But I need to be able to run away, I mean what if there’s a zombie apocalypse? You’re not going to get very far in your stiletto’s. Seriously though, I need to be able to quickly escape at any time. I’m not really sure why, but whenever I get into a room I scope out any potential exits, and I’ll plan what to do if one of those exits are blocked. I am always ready to run if I need to. If there’s any psychologists out there, am I crazy?
  9. Eyeshadow or Eye liner? I don’t actually wear makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally not against people wearing it, it’s just personally I don’t. The main reasons are that I’m too lazy and too poor 😛
  10. Favourite way to spend a Saturday? Well, I usually work Saturday night from 5:30-10:30pm so I’d be pretty happy if I didn’t have to work! But I’d love to spend time with my boyfriend. Maybe he could cook me homemade pizza and we’ll watch Game of Thrones together? That would be nice 🙂
  • Nominate  five other bloggers.
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  5. My Irrelevant Thoughts

Thanks again for nominating me, and thanks for reading x