5 Things you learn when you live by yourself for the first time.

For the past two weeks my parents have been on holiday so I have been looking after the house and my younger brother (aged 15). This is the first time I’ve ever been responsible for myself and someone else for longer than a couple of days, so I thought I’d let you in on a few things you learn when you have to fend for yourself for the first time…

  1. Food becomes precious. I have to walk to the shops and get my own food, and then *gasp* I have to cook it myself! This fact meant that any food in our house automatically became priceless and was carefully conserved to maximise the time I could spend in my pyjamas, and to minimise the time I would have to spend outdoors.
  2. Cereal becomes a main part of your diet. When you’ve only got a box of cornflakes and half a pint of milk left in the house, cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner becomes part of your normal lifestyle… and there’s no one to tell you no!
  3. Housework becomes all consuming. When your parents aren’t around to help with the housework, and your little brother refuses to do more than one chore a day, most of the housework falls to you…and it sucks! But if you don’t do it, your house starts to stink and you end up eating cereal out of  saucepan (in my defence I only did this once!)
  4. Every noise instantly becomes a serial killer. So you’re all snuggly in your bed, with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other, and you hear a noise. No big deal, your parents will protect you, right? Nope! You’re the responsible adult, and you’ve got a child to protect, so you have to go downstairs and be murdered.
  5. You find yourself doing more and more “adulty” things. Like having to call up the bank by yourself, and picking up your brother’s uniform, and buying healthy foods. And because of that it’s a great learning experience! But let’s be honest, I’m so glad they’re back!

Thanks for reading!

I hate Facebook.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with my posts (don’t worry if you haven’t, it doesn’t bother me *cries quietly*) then you’ll know that I don’t have Facebook. Until now! Woo! I hate it. Random people keep trying to add me, and so do my ex-boyfriends (awkward!) and people are poking me. Why are people poking me?!

But I guess the main reason I hate Facebook is that it makes me feel so alone. I see pictures of all my “Friends” going on these great adventures and right now I am sitting on my bed with my computer on my lap and a cup of tea on my windowsill. I haven’t left my bed in 3 hours. It makes me feel like I have failed at life, because I don’t go on these spontaneous adventures with my friends. I have to plan everything. In advance. Like a  month in advance. And the majority of people on my Friends list aren’t even my friends! In real life I have maybe three ‘true’ friends that I completely trust and who will likely be lifelong friends. Yet on Facebook I have 200 friends. People I used to go to school with, long lost relatives, those random people I met on a night out. All of them like my posts and pictures, they call me beautiful and are amazed at my achievements. But really, do they care? No. Of course they don’t, but I still feel that jolt of excitement each time that notification pops up.

In the few days since making the account I hate the person I’ve become. The one who constantly needs to login, who takes endless selfies, and one who needs to be ‘liked’ by people I don’t even know to feel good about myself. So I think I’m going to lay off Facebook for a little while, don’t get me wrong it’s a great way to catch up with people but for a lot of us Facebook is more than that- it’s an addiction, an obsession. Instead I’m going to read more on this site, where you’re ‘liked’ for your thoughts and views, not because you can make a whole sentence out of emoticons (although that is an excellent skill)!