What’s In My Bag- EveryWordYouSay Edition!

One of my friend’s gave me this idea to do a “What’s In My Bag” post. My bag has everything I could possibly need and so much more junk that I will never need in my life and I have no idea why it’s in my bag. This isn’t meant to be a serious post, but this will honestly be what’s in my bag at this precise moment. Now I haven’t actually looked at the contents of my bag in a very long time so this could be interesting!


This is my beautiful bag 😛 As you can see, it’s a Marvel bag covered in superheroes- what else would I carry my stuff in?! I actually love this bag, it is like the TARDIS. It looks small on the outside but is ginormous on the inside, which allows me to embrace my love of hoarding! I haven’t emptied out my bag in about a year so there could be anything in here, and I’m actually quite nervous about sharing my junk with the internet. But here goes…


Here we have my reading material:

  • Focus magazine. I am a huge geek so anything sciency is my life! Focus is a magazine made by the BBC which basically shows the most amazing scientists and science stories, and if you live in England please go buy this because even if you’re not too into science it’s fascinating and I would definitely recommend it.
  • The Big Issue. This is a magazine that homeless people can buy then they sell on for profit. It’s an amazing charity because it gives homeless people a job, because the majority of homeless people find themselves in that situation through no fault of their own, not because they’re “too lazy to get a job”. So I do try to buy The Big Issue as much as I can- it’s only £2 and it’s actually a pretty good read 🙂
  • All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I have almost finished this book and I have cried so many times. It is beautiful and awful all at the same times, and I would definitely recommend reading this because I love it 🙂
  • My Sister Lives On The Mantlepiece by Annabel Pitcher. This is my back-up book in case I finish reading my first book 😛 I have already read this book but you may notice there’s something weird about the cover (I’l wait here while you go back and look at the picture again). I volunteer each year to give out books for World Book Night, so basically this charity gives me 18 free books and I give them out to people who don’t usually read very often. So, this was one of my leftover books.


My electronics, because I’m a teenager and can’t go 10 minutes without being on the internet:

  • So this is my Windows tablet. Since Microsoft is not paying me to write this post, I’m going to be honest. It’s really convenient and good for just messing around on Facebook, but this is awful for doing anything fast- I will click on something then have to wait 20 minutes while it decides if it wants to obey me. But it’s my only personal computer thingy so I can’t complain! And then I’ve got my cable to charge my phone because modern day phones have a battery life of 3 minutes.


My beauty essentials:

  • Gloves and socks. Oh dear. Britain is currently in the middle of a heatwave and I’ve got gloves and spare socks in my bag! Basically these were from when I was working in the winter delivering Chinese takeaway and I was freezing, but I think I should probably take them out of my bag now 😛
  • Hairclips. My hair always manages to get in my face so I always keep a whole load of clips in my bag.
  • Lip balm. I feel like every woman should have lip balm in there bag, it’s just an essential.
  • A thousand mini elastic bands. I bought a bag of 1000 elastic bands to tie up my hair. Then I accidentally dropped the whole lot in the bottom of my bag -_-


My essential essentials:

  • Game of Thrones Season 3. I am so far behind! I’ve just started watching it, but I make my boyfriend watch all the episodes with me so he can cover my ears when there’s a sad bit because he’s seen all the episodes so far. The next episode I need to watch will apparently show “The Red Wedding” I have no idea what that is but my boyfriend seems really excited to watch it with me so it must be good!
  • Three fruit bar things. My nan gave them to me and her exact words were “They’re not very nice, you can have them”. Thanks nan!
  • Adventure Time pencil case. I am a massive fan of Adventure Time! So my boyfriend bought me an Adventure Time stationary set and it’s amazing!
  • A calculator. Because… idk? In case I need to do maths?
  • Painkillers. Yeah I have nerve damage in my back and am waiting for physiotherapy so that sucks, so I guess it’s daily painkillers for me 😦
  • Empty purse, coins, and BonusBond vouchers. I have an empty purse because I decided to store all my money (all £2.35 of it) in the bottom of my bag 😦 I’ve also got £2 in BonusBond vouchers which are basically vouchers you can spend in pretty much every shop in England, yay!
  • A walnut. This is quite a cute story! There’s a walnut tree in the garden of the house my boyfriend’s dad’d house. My boyfriend was telling me a story of when he was little he used to climb that tree and pick walnuts off the top branches, so this is a walnut from that tree.
  • Random junk that I have no idea why I’ve got: an old memory stick, wet wipe, tangled headphones, a key to my boyfriend’s locker at a college we no longer go to, safety pins, and two pens that don’t work.

So there you go! You now know all the weird stuff that I’ve been carrying around everyday for the past year, thank you for reading and do any of you guys carry weird stuff around with you?