The Google Tag!

I saw this on this blog and thought it was a cool idea! Basically I’m going to go through the alphabet and see the Google searches I most recently made for that letter. Hopefully the results are not too weird! So for all you nosey lot, here we go…

  • Average waiting time for nhs physiotherapy. Okay this one isn’t too bad so we’re off to a good start! Basically I’ve got ‘inflamed’ nerves in my back and need physiotherapy, so I googled how long it was going to take and it said months! So I rung up my doctor and she said I probably won’t even get it this year. So that’s fun 🙂
  • Best TED talks. I am a MASSIVE fan of TED talks and I must have watched thousands of them so I was just looking for new ones. And if you really want to know, this is my favourite one and seriously just watch it!
  • Chug. Okay we might be getting into the weird stuff now. A chug is a mixture of a chihuahua and a pug. I was tutoring and my student was talking about wanting to get a chug, so of course I had to google this majestic creature.

This is a Chug.

  • Drops mic. I don’t remember googling this, but okay.
  • Everybody is a genius. I was nominated for the “Very Inspirational Blogger Award” and I just wanted to double check who said my favourite quote. Sorry, that’s not very interesting 😛
  • Funko pop uk. I was tutoring and went to get him a drink, and this is what he searched. Basically they’re little figures like this…

  • Giant squid. I have no idea why I googled this, I think it was during a tutoring lesson (I’m noticing that a lot of my weird searches happen when I’m supposed to be educating the future generation, oops).
  • How much are taxis. Yeah this is me trying to internet search my way to being an adult. I realised that I need to book a taxi, but I have no idea how much they cost! I am such a tight ass so if something is within an hour walk I will walk, so I’ve never needed to get a taxi.
  • I’m a bus gif. Because I am immature I found this hilarious! For those of you who haven’t seen it, here we go (but just a warning for younger viewers it does have a mildly naughty word).
  • Jigsaw. This was a big mistake! I was helping my student with his DT Homework where he had to find a picture of a jigsaw. If I give you readers one piece of advice, let it be this: Do not google image search ‘jigsaw’. Expectation vs reality:

  • Kerplunk. I was having an argument with my family over how Kerplunk was spelt, I was right of course 😛
  • Lies. This isn’t as sinister as it sounds! I was looking for the book cover of Lies by Michael Grant for a post I did a little while ago.
  • Money wasted by government. I was having an argument with my parents because I was complaining the government need to spend more money on the NHS (specifically physiotherapy) and he said they’ve got other important stuff to spend money on. So I did a bit of googling and it turns out the government have no idea how to budget, for example they spent £7.2 million on a mobile mine detection system that didn’t work. Genius!
  • Nina Nesbitt. This girl is an amazing singer 🙂
  • Owl City. Again, I love the songs by this guy 🙂
  • Photoshop of megalodon. This search was also carried out during one of my lessons! I can’t really remember how we got onto the conversation of giant sharks, but we did. OMG wait I remember! It was when we were talking about giant squids!

  • Quiverfull. Ugh. Read my previous post and you’ll understand!
  • Rox. I was playing Scrabble and nobody believed me that this was a word. It wasn’t. 😥
  • Spy glasses. I want some spy glasses. I think I would be an excellent undercover agent 😛
  • Tourne definition. I have no idea what this is. I just googled it again and it means ‘turn’ in French. I have no idea why I googled this?! Unless one of my family stole my laptop to google French words? Hmmmm…
  • Unicorn onesie. I want a Unicorn onesie so bad!! (*hint, hint* if anyone wants to send me one :P)
  • Very inspiring blogger award. I was looking for the logo 🙂
  • Why are photography needed in criminal investigate. Oh this was for my last college assignment. Can you feel the desperation?! This is what college does to you!!!
  • X-rays. My mum needs to get an x-ray so I feel like I should be educated on the subject, because I know she’ll ask me loads of questions about it and I have to maintain my reputation as a genius 😛
  • YouTube. Of course.
  • Zedonk. My brother mentioned this, and I had to google it. So I’ll leave you with the happy thought that this things is gracing our planet!

So there we go, and if you want to give it a try, go for it!