Freestyle Writing Challenge!

Thank you Everything And Nothing for nominating me for the Freestyle Writing Challenge, which I think is such an amazing idea! And please go check her blog out because she is fabulous!

The rules are:

1. Open a blank Document
2. Set a stop watch or your mobile phone timer to 5 or 10 minutes, whichever challenge you prefer.
3. Your topic is at the foot of this post BUT DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO SEE IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY WITH YOUR TIMER!!!
4. Once you start writing do not stop until the alarm sounds!
5. Do not cheat by going back and correcting spelling and grammar using spell check (it is only meant for you to reflect on your own control of sensible thought flow and for you to reflect on your ability to write with correct spelling and grammar.)
6. You may or may not pay attention to punctuation or capitals.
7. At the end of your post write down ‘No. of words = ____” to give an idea of how much you can write within the time frame.
8. Do not forget to copy paste the entire passage on your blog post with a new topic for your nominees and copy paste these rules with your nomination (at least five (5) bloggers).

I was given the topic of Memories so here we go…

Memories. What would we be without them? Nothing, right? Empty shells wondering around this mortal coil. But what happens when you can’t trust your memories? When people and places warp in your head. If we can’t remember, can we forget? My memories are like that. One day they’re so clear, I know these beautiful faces around me. Then the next they’re taken away. Ripped out from under me until I am alone. So alone.

Sitting in this chair I look at this handsome man sitting in front of me. His eyes so beautiful, like the grass. Or is it the sky? His lips. I remember them kissing me. Why does he make me so happy? What is his name? Carl? Kyle? Kieran?

Dementia. That’s the word he whispers softly to me. What a beautiful name that is.

Number of words: 137 in five minutes.

Here are my nominations:

  1. A Girl With ADHD
  2. The Crazy Perfectionist
  3. The Storyteller
  4. Desire To Express
  5. My Irrelevant Thoughts

And your topic is:


Thanks again for tagging me, and I can’t wait to see my nomination’s answers! Good luck!