GUEST POST: Book Review of ‘Looking For JJ’ by Anne Cassidy- by The Teenage Bookaholic

I have always wanted to do book reviews on my site, but I just don’t have the time to consistently read so the wonderful Teenage Bookaholic offered to write one for me! This is a review of Looking for JJ, by Anne Cassidy…

“She should have died on that day. Perhaps, in a way, she had.”
Anne Cassidy ,Looking for JJ

Looking for JJ is an inspiring novel about a young girl called Jennifer who is given the chance to start again. Jennifer Jones has dark and violent past, but when she gets the chance to become Alice Tully she is determined to start again. She gets a job, a boyfriend and a new home. However JJ soon discovers that you can never escape your past. This book taught me that everyone deserves a second chance no matter what they have done or who they are.

Anne Cassidy is a very talented writer, I thought that the way she flipped between Jennifer’s past and her new life was clever and complex. I loved the fact that Jennifer’s new life was no different to anyone else’s and yet she had so many skeletons in her closet. All of the characters in this book were complex and extremely well thought out. Anne Cassidy made all of these characters real and 3D. What I loved most about this book was definitely the fact that this kind of thing really does happen, young children are constantly being rehomed and renamed because of their past. This story is one that stays with you for a long time, and one that is remarkably dark yet uplifting in a way that no other book is.

Looking for JJ is part of a sequel along with Finding Jennifer Jones, I would recommend both but Looking for JJ is definitely my favourite out of the two. I would recommend Looking for JJ for people over the age of 12, this is because if you are any younger you may not understand some of the terms used in the book. This book is by no means inappropriate but if you don’t like crime books, even though this one is mild I wouldn’t recommend you read it.

Looking for JJ is one of the most hard hitting books I’ve ever read. Before I read this book I thought that people who had done bad things should be punished, but this book taught me that people make mistakes that they regret and that living with the grief of what they have done is punishment enough.
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