The Struggles Of Being A Teen.

As a white, British, straight, non-religious, female living in England I am statistically one of the safest and happiest people in the World. I think people forget sometimes that all teenagers have struggles, no matter what their background is. So here are the struggles I face on a daily basis…

I struggle to go to sleep at night because I’m terrified I’ll go back to that time where I didn’t want to wake up. Those days when I used to stay in bed until 10 minutes before my parents got home from work, then I’d quickly get dressed and spray on tons of deodorant and dry shampoo so they wouldn’t realise I hadn’t showered in a week. Then when they got home I’d make excuses that I’ve had a busy day, or I didn’t feel very well so I could go back to bed and stare at the ceiling. But I am not alone. It is thought 1 in 8 teenagers will suffer from depression, and many of these then go on to have further mental health problems.

I struggle to shave my legs without thinking of all those times I abused my razor. It scares me how easily I could destroy myself with a bit of metal I can buy in my local supermarket. Each time I shave my legs I can feel the bumps of the scars and I hate it. Those scars remind me of a time where I hated myself, but I’m not ashamed of them anymore because they show me how far I’ve come. But I am not alone. It is suspected that 1 in 12 teenagers will self harm, but of course the actual figure is much higher than this.

I struggle to meet new people without feeling like I’m going to be sick or have a panic attack. For those of you who don’t have anxiety, imagine the feeling you get when you’ve got a really important exam but you haven’t been taught any of the topics. We feel as though we’re completely unprepared and overwhelmed with life. But I am not alone. It is thought that 25% of teenagers have some form of anxiety disorder. In a time when we’re expected to be outgoing and to have an extensive social life this can make life extremely difficult and exhausting.

I struggle to talk to people whose name is Josh without getting upset. My friend Joshua committed suicide when we were very young. He was bullied at school because he was gay and one day he came home and hung himself. Every time I speak to someone who is called Josh I get nervous and awkward around them because they remind me of the friend I should have grown up with. But I am not alone. On average, each day 12 teenagers commit suicide. Every single day 12 young people lose their future, 12 families lose a loved ones, and 12 groups of friends lose their partner in crime.

I struggle every single day. And according to these statistics, most of you reading this will be struggling too. If any of you feel overwhelmed please go have a chat to someone. Teachers, friends, a doctor, family, or me. Never feel like I’m off limits because I’m a stranger who doesn’t want to hear your crap, because that’s not true! It’s okay to struggle, but you should never have to do it alone.

This was in response to the Teens Tell Their Story Project, and thank you for reading.

45 thoughts on “The Struggles Of Being A Teen.

  1. You’re very brave to share this. Depression is a horrible all consuming dark cloud but there is always light out there somewhere. I’m very glad that you managed to find it and are doing so much better. There may be times in your life when it resurfaces but half the battle is knowing the signs to look out for and having a self care plan in place to prevent you slipping too far into the gloom. You are definitely not alone.

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  2. I really enjoyed you post finding out the stats of how many other people who have gone through the same thing as you and I. You were very brave to make this post and it is good to see I am not alone and that we are all not alone in this world.

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  3. You are really brave. 🙂 I realised something wasn’t quite right when I burst into tears in the middle of the road one day and I just sat there. With the cars honking and everything. I wasn’t even upset about anything in specific just everything in general. It was months after my cousin sister hung herself in a room we often used to lie down and share our dreams in. We were forbidden from attending the funeral. As per as our religion, those that choose to take their own lives don’t get to be cremated like the rest of us and instead buried in an unmarked grave. I’m not too religious and I completely opposed this, but to no avail. Everyone stopped talking about it. Ignoring to address the issue didn’t make it go away and it silently lurked in the corners and finally challenged me.
    I guess no one’s really alone in the world despite what they think.

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      • I’m at a better place now! It’s just that nobody even likes to talk about what happened. It seemed like she just disappeared which was what scared me to be honest. How can you just wipe away traces of someone you love as a punishment for a single action of theirs?

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      • I’m glad to hear you’re happier now 🙂 That’s awful. But just remember, you love her and you think about her and she knows that. Screw everyone who pretends she doesn’t exist, because they should be ashamed of themselves.

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  4. Thanks for being brave enough to share this. I used to have similar feelings to you when I was a teen, but things got so much better and I started feeling better overall once I was around 21/22 years old and I’m continuing to feel better and better as time goes on.. I think because the older I get the more I realize who I am and that I am important. I hope the same happens for you 🙂

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  5. This is a beautifully written post and I can relate to it in many ways. Your struggles are meaningful and honest, not just some comedic rubbish people make up. It’s moving. Xx

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  6. I hate it when a teenager commits suicide, every time a teenager dies, his dreams die, his hopes die, his future dies, his ambitions die, it’s a shame to say that the ones supposed to be the most carefree are committing suicide because of pressure. Shame on our society.

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  7. I was once a teenager a long time ago and the struggle then is still the struggle now. How you meet the challenge of your age will help define you in the future. Experience of youth means readiness for other stages in life.

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  8. This is a beautiful post!
    Everyday we teens hear things like, how do you know what problems and responsibilities are? You’re young, you don’t have children, a job and you don’t need to care for a couple of people.
    That is just so wrong. True, we don’t need to have the responsibilities that older people have, but we do have our own problems.
    I had fallen into depression during Year 10 at school. But, everyone just told me to ‘get over it’. It got better. But, then, I relapsed last year. It was so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed some days. But, all no one seemed to care.
    Then, a classmate of mine committed suicide. But, her death was kind of hushed up. The day after, everyone whispered and gossiped about her death and why she took the drastic step. But, on her funeral, a paltry 3 people out of a class of 70 attended. She wasn’t a nobody at college, in fact, she was one of the most popular ones. After that, the topic was closed. No one ever talked about it or even said her name. If the professor called out her name by mistake while taking the roll call, a kind of eerie silence took over the class. Even the college did not make an official condolence announcement over her death. It was like such a person never existed.
    And that cut me deep.

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    • Exactly, so many teens have to deal with so much stress and responsibility. I’m so sorry you didn’t get the support you needed with your depression, is it better now? Oh gosh that’s awful. A good friend of mine died when I was 11, so I know exactly how you feel. Unfortunately, a lot of people see suicide as shameful or cowardly, and that’s awful. I’m so sorry you had to go through all that, it’s just not fair. If you’d like to chat you can always email me, chat to me on twitter, or skype me 🙂

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