Happy Birthday Amy!

I can’t say thank you enough for this incredibly sweet post, but I want everyone to know what a wonderful person Sheetal is and if you don’t follow her blog you are missing out!!

Desire To Express

A very very very very very Happy Birthday to my dearest Blog Friend – Amy (Every Word You Say).

Its the 15th July and it is her 18th birthday. May this be your best year ever dear. 🙂

With all my love, I pray to God to give you all the happiness, love and care in this world. I had never thought I would get such nice friends in this Blog-world.

But, then…… I got you and all my misconceptions went away.

We are miles apart, but still we have become good friends…….. You know why Amy?………. Coz you are a good person.

Your every post is an inspiration. Your every post reflects your unique character and your unique thoughts.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday once again. Tell your friends to punch you ’18’ times at your back on my behalf—- coz its your 18th Birthday—– :P…

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