Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 1

I love this challenge! So I want to say a massive thank you to Shivani, Unfashionable Cupcake, My Overflowing Thoughts , Under The Guise Of Glitter and A Teenage Diary Online for nominating me, and if you haven’t checked out their blogs you should because they’re amazing!

Here’s the rules:

  • Thank the person/people who nominated you. Thank you!!
  • Post a quote for three days in a row.Β 

Here’s my first quote:

“Next time you point a finger, I’ll point you to the mirror.” – Paramore, Playing God.Β 

I love this band, and this is one of my favourite songs of theirs. This quote is brilliant, and I couldn’t agree more. There are so many people that criticise others, when they’re really unhappy with themselves.

  • Nominate three other bloggers each day.Β I’m going to nominate some newer bloggers πŸ™‚
  1. Dainty Delusions
  2. The Online Bloggeress
  3. Turtle

Thank you so much for the nomination, and thank you for reading πŸ™‚

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