GUEST POST: My thoughts on suicide- By Kate Byrne

I have been in touch with another amazing writer who wanted to write something for my site. I love that people want to share their stories and thoughts and experiences on here, and I want to give a massive shout out to Kate Byrne who wrote this post.

A previous post referenced, “suicide may just sound like something “cowards” or “weak” people do. You’ve probably cracked some jokes about it with your friends, playfully told people, “Just go kill yourself”[.]”

We’ll start with how flipping true this is: we’ve all heard the jokes and/or made them, then we’ll move on to how strong I feel when I don’t pick up the knife, don’t drive my car off the road, don’t throw myself off a cliff. Ultimately, though, the strongest I’ve felt in the last six months wasn’t the day I walked into AA, it was the day coworkers were making light of suicide and I asked them not to.

Now, it’s not like I’m cagey about my mental health issues. Even if I didn’t walk and sit shoulders and head hunched I write about my things online so publicly. I write about it on public blogs, public Twitter, heck, even on the Huffington Post. My family knows it’s not uncommon for me to feel suicidal. My friends know, the world knows. Yet standing up in a call center basement and saying, “Guys, please don’t joke about this,” was So. Flipping. Hard.

Thankfully they stopped joking about it. A number came up after and apologized. I’m fairly certain my face was flushed for the rest of my shift, but I just couldn’t say nothing.

I completely agree with this, jokes should never be made about suicide or any mental health issue. You never know who may hear these “jokes” and how upsetting they may be for people who have been through things that no one should have to. I want to thank Kate again for writing for me, you are an amazing person that has been through so much. If anyone wants to talk to me about these issues, or if you want to write a guest post please get in touch at: Thank you for reading 🙂

23 thoughts on “GUEST POST: My thoughts on suicide- By Kate Byrne

  1. I rarely agree with anyone (nor, for that matter, do many people find me agreeable! :D), but I agree with this one. You don’t know how it might feel for someone to hear this, even as a joke. You have to live through it to fully understand that pain. I do’t expect the world to change, but maybe a couple of people might shut their gob once or twice?

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  2. I have not yet broached a lot of subjects of my still fledgling blog. But this one i have skirted the edges of because it is one that is really close to my heart. It has touched my life too many times to count and it hurts me personally everytime someone says or they were just being selfish. I just can’t even tell you how many people I have shut down in front of or how many i have wanted to grb and shake and say ” DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY WERE GOING THROUGH!”. *Hugs thank you for posting this. and thank you for having someone write this”

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