Creative Blogger Award (Take 2)

Since I got nominated for this award I’ve been nominated twice more so I’ve decided to repost this so all my followers can check out these amazing bloggers!

Wow, thank you so much My Personal Teen Life for the nomination!! *EDIT: Thank you to Paradoxical Sadness too! You are fabulous and if any of you reading this have not checked her blog out, do it because she’s amazing! *EDIT: I have also been nominated by A Teenage Diary Online who is amazing and you need to see her blog 🙂 Here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their site. Done 🙂
  • Share five facts about yourself. Okay…
  1. I am a qualified scuba diver. I learnt when I was between 9-12 and can now officially dive anywhere I want in the World without an instructor which I think is pretty cool. Although I do get freaked out easily! For example I was in Egypt just swimming along the sea floor when I saw something move under the sand, turns out there was a massive sting ray right beneath me! So instead of calmly pointing it out to my buddy (because when you scuba dive you always have to go with a buddy) and then calmly going back to the surface, I panicked. And started trying to swim away as quickly as I could, and then I accidently kicked it. Yup, I kicked a sting ray. I feel so bad for that sting ray, he was just chilling and I kicked him right in the face 😦
  2. I’m a little bit of a hoarder. I keep everything. If I think something has sentimental value then I will hold onto it forever. I have endless scrapbooks filled with stuff, I have my box just for memories and souvenirs of the times me and my boyfriend spend together, and then I have The Wardrobe. My wardrobe door is covered in stuff, from postcards to tickets to stickers to photos. In 7 years my wardrobe door has become so layered with stuff that it’s impossible to see any of the paint, and I’m quite proud of it!
  3. I am very mature. And I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, but it’s true. I look 12 but act like a 40 year old. When I was 10 I was looking after my little brother before and after school, which meant packing lunch boxes and making sure his uniform was ready etc. and I think that made me grow up pretty fast. But I personally am glad I’m mature because it’s stopped me doing a lot of stupid things, and I think I’m further in life because of it.
  4. I love watching TV programmes about hospitals. It doesn’t matter if it’s a soap like Holby City, a comedy like Scrubs, or a documentary like 24 Hours in A&E, I’ll watch them all. I think I’ve always been fascinated with hospitals, and I think that’s the main reason why I want to go into a career involving studying diseases. Because I love the idea of being the person who can help someone who’s scared and ill, I want to know that my actions have saved lives.
  5. My blood type is B+. This is a bit of a weird fact, but I found out that my blood type is B+ and this makes me insanely happy. It sounds like ‘Be positive’ and I like to think that my body was born to be happy 😛
  • Nominate 10 bloggers. I think so many bloggers on here are creative, but these are a few…
  1. A Girl With ADHD
  2. The Crazy Perfectionist
  3. My Crazy Path
  4. Sweetheart
  5. My Irrelevant Thoughts
  6. The storyteller
  7. Just Call Me Elm
  8. Ziondutro
  9. Desire To Express
  10. Alaska Wild


Thank you again for the nomination! And thanks for reading 🙂


7 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Award (Take 2)

  1. You are a scuba diver, wow! That sounds so cool! Have you ever tried to pose with an octopus? 😛
    I really like the blood group B+ too, for the same reasons you stated. I’m O+ 😦 but at least I’m a universal donor! 😉
    ‘The Wardrobe’ sounds awesome! 😀 I think I’d have had something like that in my room too, if I’d had a bit more space… 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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