I hate Facebook.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with my posts (don’t worry if you haven’t, it doesn’t bother me *cries quietly*) then you’ll know that I don’t have Facebook. Until now! Woo! I hate it. Random people keep trying to add me, and so do my ex-boyfriends (awkward!) and people are poking me. Why are people poking me?!

But I guess the main reason I hate Facebook is that it makes me feel so alone. I see pictures of all my “Friends” going on these great adventures and right now I am sitting on my bed with my computer on my lap and a cup of tea on my windowsill. I haven’t left my bed in 3 hours. It makes me feel like I have failed at life, because I don’t go on these spontaneous adventures with my friends. I have to plan everything. In advance. Like a  month in advance. And the majority of people on my Friends list aren’t even my friends! In real life I have maybe three ‘true’ friends that I completely trust and who will likely be lifelong friends. Yet on Facebook I have 200 friends. People I used to go to school with, long lost relatives, those random people I met on a night out. All of them like my posts and pictures, they call me beautiful and are amazed at my achievements. But really, do they care? No. Of course they don’t, but I still feel that jolt of excitement each time that notification pops up.

In the few days since making the account I hate the person I’ve become. The one who constantly needs to login, who takes endless selfies, and one who needs to be ‘liked’ by people I don’t even know to feel good about myself. So I think I’m going to lay off Facebook for a little while, don’t get me wrong it’s a great way to catch up with people but for a lot of us Facebook is more than that- it’s an addiction, an obsession. Instead I’m going to read more on this site, where you’re ‘liked’ for your thoughts and views, not because you can make a whole sentence out of emoticons (although that is an excellent skill)!

22 thoughts on “I hate Facebook.

  1. I ‘Gave Up’ Facebook and other Social Media a few weeks ago and feel fantastic! No more drama, no more stress, no more feeling inadequate….just peace 🙂

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  2. Lol, I don’t necessarily hate it. I tend to use Facebook only for school work. If you ever go on my page the only posts you’ll see are probably from people posting on my birthday..last year 😆. I believe blogging is so much more fun and rewarding than any social media.. But that’s just my opinion. 😄

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  3. Ahahaha well, Facebook was never able to change the person I am. I have been on fb for around 4-5 years, yet it’s never managed to make me take selfies (I think I’ve only taken 3 selfies in my life. Accomplishment, right? 😉 ) and I never really cared what anyone except my true friends thought about my posts. Likes, comments…. they’re all like a kind of formality to me. (Sorry if I sounded like some kind of mechanical robot there) I’m just there because it helps me catch up with my friends and people I’ve lost contact with in real lives. And also for important updates for school and other social events and books and games and all that sort of stuff.
    But I always found the pokes a very fun thing to do! 😛

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  4. Since joining the blogosphere it’s like a community of people who read/write about the same kinds of stuff and are supportive of what you are doing/saying. Far nicer than if you posted this stuff on Facebook – your ‘friends’ would probably just judge you! Yet with blogging I have met people who have been so kind and supportive already and I don’t even know them! I don’t hate social media but I do always have to be incredibly careful what I write because, as mypersonalteenlife said, it’s so superficial! Here, you are accepted for whoever you are!

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  5. I completely understand this. I hate facebook so much. My friends are always going places and doing things and I sit there like ‘I haven’t left my bed in 5 hours……’
    It seems FaceBook is only there to make people feel bad about their lives.

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  6. The thing is everybody wants attention or I may say people love when they get attention. And its not wrong. But it becomes the villain of your life when you tend to feel worse about yourself, thats exactly what you mentioned about in this post. You see your Friends hangout with their bestiees and think “Why don’t I”? The answer is- everybody has different circumstances to handle with and for each one it is not easy to make plans in a few seconds or minutes. As of my situation, for any hangout with my friends, I have to talk to my father a day before. And till the next day, it is unsure, whether he will allow me or not. And thats why I used to think “Why I can’t I move out like them”. Trust me, that thinking never helped me change how things work in my house, so why to waste time on that? At least I get the permission sooner or later. But yeah I still wish if my father could allow me for such hangouts at once.

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    • It must be difficult for you, but at least your parents care about you enough to want to keep you safe. And I have social anxiety so it’s hard for me to spontaneously hang out with people, I need to plan everything in advance so I don’t panic. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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      • Yes, its true. The true fact is they are over-protective. I am sure every parent is. But they should know, if they leave us free for a little while, trusting us, we will learn our limits and will not cross. And also, will know how to react in difficult situations when we are alone or away from others. But I am glad at least they give that golden permission.

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