Why do we hate LGBT people so much?

I was raised in a family where I was going to be in a relationship with a man and that was the way it should be, if there was a program showing LGBT people on TV it was turned over, if there was a LGBT couple walking down the street we were supposed to be disgusted. But I don’t understand why. Why are we so against something that causes no harm? I mean, I can not think of a single reason to hate someone based on their sexual preferences, and I believe that as long as there are two consensual adults then they should be able to have sex, marry, and have kids with anyone they choose. I asked my family and a few people I know why they did not support the LGBT community and here were their reasons:

  • Religion. Okay this a touchy subject and I don’t want to offend anyone, so if you’re an idiot who doesn’t support equal rights because a book written thousands of years ago says so then I’d look away now 😉 From my extensive research I have found this little gem “Adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor thieves…shall enter the Kingdom of God.” So, clearly being gay is exactly the same as being a thief or an adulterer? Come on guys! Being LGBT is NOT A CHOICE! Just like it is not my choice that I find guys sexually attractive, you could tell me all day and night that this was a sin, but I’d still like guys. Don’t get me wrong, although I am not religious I love the principles of religion- that we should love and care for each other, and I like the idea that it can bring people together and I also like having hope that there is something watching out for me. But I think the idea of religion should be that we are all created equal, not that we are all created equal as long as you’re not female, black, LGBT, from a different religion etc.
  • “It’s unnatural”. Actually, we have found evidence of homosexuality in at least 450 species (Source: Yale Scientific, 2014) and only one species has homophobia. Which one is more unnatural now? Huh?
  • Gay people encourage homosexuality. Oh right I forgot, every time I see two girls holding hands it makes me want to be a lesbian. Guys, this is not how sexuality works! You are gay or you’re straight or you’re bisexual or you’re transgender. You just are. Do you ever walk past a gay couple and have the sudden urge to change sexuality and fuck a dude? No! Because again, it doesn’t work like that and if you answered yes to that question perhaps you are the problem.
  • Children with gay parents will have a bad upbringing. Are we just ignoring the millions of straight families who have neglected and abused their children? I truly believe that as long as a child is loved then I don’t think they give a fuck the sexuality of their parents, and the child will be brought up to embrace the LGBT community and this can only be a good thing!

Sorry for the rant but I just cannot believe that we are in the 21st century and we still cannot accept that there are people with a different sexuality, and damn it that should be okay!

16 thoughts on “Why do we hate LGBT people so much?

  1. I love you. You are the best thing ever. Thank you, thank you. Oh my god. You are amazing. Literally these are my thoughts exactly. I don’t understand WHY people would have a problem with it! What is there to have a problem WITH?

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  2. I’m probably being thick but what is LGBT? I mean from reading the posts I can tell it probably means gay? Sorry I’m a bit of an idiot!
    If it is about gay people and I understood correctly – then great post !! So true I HATE discrimination! My dad is from South Africa and grew up during appartite so I’ve always been brought up to be so anti discrimination! The right way to be if you ask me!

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  3. I completely agree. LGBT couples cause no harm and affect no one around them.
    LGBT couples do not cause bad upbringing. Being LGBT doesn’t make them bad or change who they are as people in any way at all. It makes them who they are. People believe that they deserve happiness and can marry who they want, whereas LGBT people can’t. They are taking away the happiness of people who deserve it. Your post is amazing

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  4. Love your opinion on this matter, it matches mine exactly! Identifying as a part of the LGBT community and staying in a country that deems homosexuality as illegal, I have to say that it sucks! I don’t think it’s fair to discriminate someone on the basis of something that is not even under their control. In fact, I don’t think it is fair to discriminate someone at all! And I don’t understand why it’s such a huge issue if a person identifies at LGBT, aren’t we all human at the end of the day?

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