I’m a role model?!

Growing up we are continuously told how we should act, how we should dress, who our friends should be, and what’s right and wrong. Most of this information is provided by people we consider to be “role models”, our friends, family, and celebrities. Would I consider myself a role model? Not really! I mean, I still have so much to learn and figure out about myself and the world that I couldn’t imagine being someone that people turn to for advice.

For the past two years I have tutored a young man (I won”t insult his intelligence by calling him a child) and yesterday his mum handed me something after our tutoring session; a piece of homework. The title read ” My role model is…” and he’d written my name. I felt so proud and a little bit terrified! A child was looking to me for inspiration, and that made me think. How many times do we do something without realising we are setting the bar for the next generation? Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to mess up and trust me I’ve done that a few times! But think about everyone who looks up to you: brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, students, that random child in the street. Remember that it’s okay to get things wrong, but do it with the best intentions and you’ll be a great role model. I promise.