I am scared.

I’m scared of failure, of being embarrassed in public, of losing the ones I love, and I’m irrationally and illogically afraid of dentists. Now I know I am not the only one out there who doesn’t like the dentist, but that’s not fear and I think we sometimes get confused between dislike and true, primal fear. Who could blame us though? There is very little I truly have to be afraid of, and I’m speaking as a white, young female living in England so I statistically am one of the safest people on Earth. But laying back in that chair and hearing the drilling noise triggered a fear that I have never experienced before. My hear was beating so fast and I just wanted to run and cry and fight to get away. How stupid is that? How privileged am I that my primary fear is a man with a toothbrush? Think about the millions of teenagers right now facing things that we cannot even fathom.That’s what we should be afraid of. Our ignorance. Our mindset that these things are happening so far away, and as long as they are not happening to us why should we care? If anyone’s reading this, take a little time to think about people. Think about how lucky we truly are. Just, think. Thank you.