Dear Somebody,

Hello there. It took me 25 minutes of writing and re-writing to form that sentence, so this blogging deal might be a little harder than I first thought! I want to start by introducing myself, I’m a believer. A dreamer. A nerd. A dork. I love science and books and all those typical cliches. I’m a listener, and I hear every word you say. Throughout my life I’ve been the one that people lean on, and I wouldn’t change that for the world. But sometimes I need help too, and sometimes I don’t want to be the strong one. So, I guess I want to use this to vent a little bit about how much of a beautiful chaos being a teenager really is! If anyone’s reading this then I want to say thank you for listening to this moaning wallflower, and I’ll keep you updated on my ridiculously boring life.


A Nobody